The Holic Group’s Response to these Webpages

The group composed a response to the description found on these pages, and placed it on the Internet in April 2001. As with other cults, I see no problem in placing a link [here] to the group itself. That way, the reader can inform himself about the different view, and make up his own mind [about the group]. You’ll find the Holic Group’s presentation at the following link:

(Interestingly, I have found no link on that site to the description on this site – although they constantly refer to it in their response [posted there]. They don’t want a reader of that response to inform himself about the criticism. If the group were confident, it would treat its critics differently [than that].)

In general, a strong enemy image is present [on those webpages] toward the author of these pages. A former member described it this way: “The Holic Group designates you (the author), in any case, as their enemy. At one point, the group explained to me that there are other people, from the outside, who label them as a cult. But they only told me that once I had established a certain trust in them. I was also told that there were members who had turned to their enemy (without mentioning the name) and therefore were “persona non grata” (it was not literally said, but it was intended), and had actually even “fallen away from the faith.”