The geographical sources of the contributions

Among the postings in “Honestly Said,” the names of the authors were made anonymous by means of an abbreviation, and after each abbreviated name, the country from which that person came was indicated. This yielded the following picture:

  • Hungary: 9
  • Austria: 2
  • Poland: 2
  • Slovakia: 1
  • Romania: 1
  • Estonia: 1

Because the webmasters of “Honestly Said” lived in Hungary, and had their contacts in the local area, this distribution is not surprising. It is interesting, however, that all the texts on this page are in German, although of the sixteen authors, only the two Austrians have German as their native language. This supports the hypothesis that German is a common language within the Holic Group.

In addition there are the two Polish blogs and the blogs from Estonia and England. Surprisingly, there are no German language blogs.

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