Preliminary Note

              When my writings reporting about the religious phenomenon that became famous under the name Dunaföldvár sect appeared, some of my religious scientist colleagues opined that the members of the sect had “deceived” me, and that a portion of the - sometimes horrifying - suppositions in connection with them, and refuted by me, were true after all. After during the past decade I became acquainted with several former members, and their stories modified the image I had formed about them from a number of aspects, I took the opportunity to meet with the members of the friendly company of those who left the sect or were expelled (not just Hungarians), so I could gain access to the document material collected by them and to the information of homepages related to the “Christians”. Subsequently, I had the prominent members of the Christians face the image modified by their members who left them or were expelled. Finally, I was able to draw my conclusions, including to what extent the members of this congregation had “deceived” me previously.